The Shadow Book

Enter the Shadow

Welcome to the Shadow Realm, brought to you by GenesysGo.

What is Shadow

At it's core, "Shadow" and all of it's offerings are more than just cool tech that you can use to do blockchain stuff. It's a core belief that returns to the ethos of blockchain:
Transactions should happen on a peer-to-peer basis. People who want something should be able to buy it directly from people who provide something. The people who want something get it quickly and cheap, and the people who put forth the effort to provide something get rewarded.
In a weird way, blockchain has been getting away from this ethos over the past few years. At the same time, there exist opportunities to improve upon web2 solutions by unleashing this peer-to-peer ecosystem.
That is what Shadow sets out to be. A tech ecosystem made by builders, for builders. Put another way, Devs can purchase tech services directly from tech providers. Let's dig into this by looking at our products.
Last modified 4mo ago