The Shadow Book

4 - Join the Shadow RPC Network

Node Registration

You made it! You have a Solana RPC up and running and it's caught up to the tip of the network. It's not actually doing anything, though, because no one knows that they can send Solana transactions and RPC calls to you.
That's where the Premium RPC network by Genesys Go comes in. People want to use your RPC, so we'll connect them to you and start sending you traffic.
There are some requirements/things you should know:
  • You will need to stake 10,000 SHDW so prep for that
  • You will need to have a wallet ready to receive payments in USDC
  • You will need to keep your RPC online as much as possible or your payments will be slashed. There is some grace period built in for Solana patches every epoch.
Here is how to get started
Go to 👉 and connect your wallet.
Once your wallet is connected, click the Wallet bubble again and click Sign In to sign a transaction.
Now click on the +Register Node tab.
The form fields to fill out are pretty straightforward.
  • Region - select the region that is closest to your RPC's location. That whole latency thing.
  • Username - this is your DISCORD username. Make sure you also join our Discord and make someone aware that you need the Shadow Operators role!
  • Node IP - the IPv4 address of your RPC server
  • Node ID - this is your hostname, in the format of shadow-region-discorduser-discordnumber-servernumber
  • Payout address - where can we send you some USDC?
  • Stake amount - the requirement is 10,000 SHDW per node
Once you submit and sign this, you will immediately be added into the RPC network and your node will start receiving traffic.

The Leaderboard

Once registered, you'll want to monitor your node from the perspective of Genesys Go. A leaderboard is published so that you can quickly see your node's current state within the shadow network.
The status column is the key takeaway. Here are the code definitions
  • PASS_OK - everything is working according to plan
  • FAIL_SD - we can connect to your node but it's slot distance is not on the tip
  • FAIL_CT - we are receiving a timeout from your connection, likely because you are under heavy load and the server may be underpowered
  • FAIL_CR - we cannot connect at all to your node


A dashboard is currently being worked on. From here you will be able to see things like your operational status over time, amount of traffic served, and payout history.