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RPC Subscribers

If you're a dev and need an RPC, this is for you

So you're developing the greatest Solana dApp ever...

One of the things that you will find out really quickly is that when your end user clicks the "Submit" button in their wallet, your app will need to build a transaction and send it to an RPC. If you try to rely on public, free RPCs, your dApp will crash and burn the first time it comes under any sort of of load.
Because you are studious, you've read all of the documentation up until this point, right?... Right?
Well then you remember the part where I mentioned RPCs, by default, are already under heavy load. Throw in public usage and everyone and their mom is trying to shove a transaction through that poor RPC and the sysadmin is in the corner puking his guts out because he'll never be able to keep these systems up.
You need a dedicated RPC. Your end users deserve a dedicated RPC experience. We have dedicated RPCs.