The Shadow Book


Cool! You've got an RPC reserved! Now what?

The answer lies within the My RPCs page. The My RPCs page is arranged into three sections:
  • Active RPCs - this will show you all of your connection details for each RPC broken down by the account name you selected during Reserve an RPC
  • Add-Ons - as the name implies, a place where you can add on some nifty features to your purchase
  • Metrics - a spot where you can track your RPC usage

Active RPCs

Active RPCs is going to be the place where you spend the most amount of time. Some key fields to pay attention to:
Expiration (aka Next Billing Date) - this field indicates the date that your account balance needs to be topped up BEFORE.
Increase Balance - in order to top up your account, you need to first type in the amount you want to increase to, and then click the "+" to submit the transaction to your wallet.
Account ID - this will be used in two places. First, it is used to retrieve your JWT. Second, this is the endpoint for your RPC which you will find in the field called...
RPC URL - this is where your RPC is located. This is where you tell your code to send it's transactions to.
Token - you can request a JWT directly from the portal, right here.


There are two options on the add-ons page currently (but more to come!).
Global Server Load Balancing - This is eligible for Premium and Premium+ subscribers with multiple RPCs. This solution is ideal when the client-side of your dApp handles the JWT, and a client sends the request in directly to the endpoint. With just a simple click, we will route client traffic to the closest RPC as traffic is originated from your dApp. There are 2 tiers for load balancing to choose from. Prices are PER NODE that traffic is being load balanced across. Payment is debited from the wallet account balance under Active RPCs tab.
  • Tier 1 - Load balance across 3 RPC servers in different regions (example: NA, EU, APAC). Note this requires no more, no less than 3 Premium reservations.
  • Tier 2 - Load balance across 6 RPC servers in different regions (every region). Note this requires no more, no less than 6 Premium reservations.
Account Vanity URL - important: does not work if GSLB option has been selected. This allows you to create a 7-character subdomain within the domain for your RPC. Example: I could reserve
Click in the field and just start typing the subdomain that you would like to reserve. But seriously - 7 characters. Make em count.


A very straightforward dashboard where you can see your most used and most recent RPC calls.
Response Time- time in milliseconds that elapsed to respond to your request
Response payload - size in bytes of the RPC response payload
Requests - the number of times that the RPC request has arrived on the node since first seen
The last time the RPC was seen