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Is DAGGER a Blockchain?

Gib coin?
Let's tackle this on its own page now because this is no doubt going to be asked a million times. It gets its own page, because its a big thing to wrap your head around.
Is DAGGER a blockchain?
No. But it feels like one doesn't it?
The thing that makes blockchain cool and in-style is that decentralization thing. Decentralization really means that giga-brains created a protocol that can be self-governing. The more people that join the protocol, the more secure it becomes, because everyone agrees on how the network should work and more importantly, what is true and what is a lie.
So DAGGER and blockchains look similar because they both have a consensus mechanism and a gossip mechanism where new nodes can be added to the network at any time, and they all agree on the rules of how it should operate.
Where blockchain and DAGGER differ is actually pretty simple. Blockchains have, well, a chain of blocks. In those blocks are transactions which works great for financial systems where you need a Ledger. Shadow Cloud isn't really all about that - Shadow Cloud is about the orchestration of Shadow Operator resources by forming consensus on payloads in order to provision VMs. This makes it more suitable for a graph (the aforementioned ShadowGraph that we designed in house). In plain English, blockchain is good for ordered (token) transactions. ShadowGraph is good for ordered (cloud infrastructure) events.
So both a blockchain and Shadow Cloud rely on consensus and gossip to dictate what is true and valid. They differ in how requests are "cemented" into existence.