The Shadow Book


Seeing what others have built with Shadow Drive

Here's a page dedicated to the incredible work that developers have done for or based on Shadow Drive

Shadow Storage

One of the most widely used GUIs for interacting with Shadow Storage. Users can perform every action and then some, including uploading encrypted private files. Very cool!

AlphaBatem's Shadow UI

Another full suite of functionality for working with Shadow Storage. This tool is a very fast and snappy way to interact with your storage account, including handling the swap from SOL to SHDW for any fees! Web Hosting

This is a full web-hosting service where the backend storage is built on shadow drive. Host static websites and even manage things like telemetry and deployments in upcoming versions!


Like YouTube, but built on top of Shadow Drive storage. Uploads come directly from your Shadow Drive storage accounts!

CryptoStraps NFT Tools Shadow UI

Another prime example of a comprehensive suite of NFT tools should include Shadow Drive storage, and this tool delivers on all fronts.

You are Loved

A fascinating use case where an HTML doc can be served on Shadow Drive while the minting functionality and wallet connectiion can remain in tact. Check it out!

Grape Shadow UI

Another Shadow UI tool for managing your storage from the browser, but this time, they also Open-Sourced the code!

A Rust CLI for Shadow Drive

Another great contribution from a community member! A Rust-based CLI for working with Shadow Drive!

Synx - a React Native UI for Shadow Drive

A nice mobile application for working with private cloud storage using Shadow Drive created by the Blxckout team!
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